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How to: Preparing your guest list for your Calligrapher

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Whew, it has been a super long time since I have posted! One question that I receive very frequently is how I prefer the guest list to be formatted. While, I am an easy going person and hate being particular...when it comes to a guest list that you are handing over to a wedding calligrapher, you need to be exact and thorough. 

One thing to keep in mind, most calligraphers (okay, ALL) are very competent people. That being said we don't know the guests on your list. Is Matt a Doctor or a Reverend? Would Sally be insulted if we listed her as Miss when she is clearly an established "Ms." (say it with a snooty accent)

Most calligraphers are able to assume on street/state names and spell out any abbreviations. If that makes it easier on you, feel free to abbreviate the actual address portion as much as you'd like. I WILL write everything out.


Do not assume we assume names. I will NOT assume on a name!



Bottom line: we don't know your guests, you do. So let's cut the drama out of having your envelopes addressed by a calligrapher and learn how to write your guest list right--the first time!! :)

Here is how to properly format your guest list:

One: Decide what program you would like to use. Word and Excel are the most popular. If you don't have those programs, you can use Google Docs to complete this.

Two: Decide what format you will use. Formal or Casual? ie: Mr. and Mrs. or Sally and Bob?

Three: Sit down with your fiance and decide who you are inviting. Once you have settled on who to invite, use social media or a phone call to get everyone's address. I prefer social media or texting because you will have the address in writing to look back on just in case. 

Four: Now that you have your guests picked and their addresses are slowly but surely starting to pour in you are ready to set up your list. For this post we will focus on a typical married couple and a married doctor using a formal format.

Bob and Sally sent you over their new address and are anxiously awaiting their invitation! Bob works in sales and Sally is a make up artist. Neither have a specialized degree, and Sally did take his last name when they married. Bob is short for Robert (clarify this with the guest before assuming their name is a shortened version.)

So you would write their address as:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blake

435 Main St. #6

Dallas, Texas 75025

*Remember I will write everything out so you can abbreviate on the street and apartment numbers if desired.

*Do not include Sally's first name in the formal format. "Mrs." literally means the Mr.'s property so she will become Mrs. Robert Blake formally. If Sally didn't take Bob's last name you would write it out as Mr. Robert Blake and Ms. Sally Soo

So you have an aunt and uncle who met in medical school while obtaining their doctorates? They got married after the graduated and she took his last name. We will use Bob and Sally as example names again. Rather than writing it out as "Dr. and Dr. Robert Blake" the formal way of writing their address would be:

 The Doctors Blake

435 Main St #6

Dallas, Texas 75025

*If the male is the only doctor it would be written as "Dr. and Mrs......." if the female is the only doctor it would be written as "Doctor Sally Blake and Mr. Robert Blake"

I hope this helps with some common questions I get on guest lists! I will be posting more frequently and follow up to this post with some more helpful tips on preparing your guest list for your calligrapher!!


Danica Butler

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